Executive Business Presentations – how to inspire & motivate to action.

After a huge success of our Powerful Business Presentations training we were constantly being asked to create a more advanced training program that would anwer the need of more experienced presenters who faced challenges beyond beautiful slide design or stage fright.

So we did some research among different center heads and top level management and came up with the following needs in this area:
– presenting to large groups
– presenting to executive levels in the organization
– motivating to action through presentation
– inspiring action / change through presentation
– storytelling
– egaging large audience & keeping them focused

Few months and a couple test groups later, Executive Business Presentations were born.
These intensive 1,5-2 days are once again a paradigm-shifting experience for even the most experienced & confident presenters.
Filled with real-time practice & feedback they change those town halls or conference talks you deliver. Forever.

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