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All of the programs below include: consulting, training and coaching


This course is our trademark and MbeC certificates are now widely recognized among business service centers in Krakow.


For all who chair meetings in a form of conference calls and/or videoconferencing.


Our 2015 best-seller!
Training designed for anyone who gives presentations.


This training is designed for those who present to large groups (conferences, town halls) or to executive level audience.


How do you overcome the notion of ‘us and them’ in your business center and get people to think in terms of ONE organization or a SHARED goal?


This traning is a continuation of Win-Win Solutions program and focuses on advanced negotiation techniques.


For those who get things done on the phone, through both 1-2-1 calls and conference calls. Especially recommended for call centers and service desks.


For Team Leaders / Project Managers / Managers.
How to ensure both parties get the most out of those moments.


For anyone who writes reports regularly.
This course is split into two parts: skills development and application.


This training is built for those who work across teams, offices, cultures as well as time zones.


This training will show the participants how to renew their energy, deal with their stressors, develop their mental toughness and communicate better as a result.


This course is designed to help team leaders and managers give feedback to their employees, but also to help participant give feedback to peers, Clients, business partners and sometimes even their superiors.


There is a growing need and expectation for people to speak up, provide challenge and take initiative.


Please hold while we work with our Clients to build this one. Coming soon!

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“Communication is the real work of leadership.”
Agata Cielarska-Fijałkowska Client Solutions Development