Ewa Rosińska-Helers

Project Manager

Project Description

Long story short – I solve problems.
As they say, a project manager is what you are, and not what you do.

I look after everything so it works like a Swiss watch.
I take care of scheduling and finances, as well as customer service.

What can I say about myself?
I’m full of enthusiasm – open and always ready to help.
I accept new challenges with the energy of a Duracell bunny. I make difficult things easy.

I’m always up for new adventures and new challenges.
I love to travel, that’s why I worked as a city guide and a tour guide for some time.
It taught me how to solve various problems and deal with the stress that is very common in this job.

So if you have any trouble, questions, or need help – I’m the right person to ask.

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“Communication is the real work of leadership.”