Ewelina Berniak

Author: admin | January 17, 2020

I am a fast learner and a collector of every piece of useful information or tool regarding personal development. I am also an enthusiast of a strengths-based approach, especially in leadership and building high-performance teams.

As a systemic coach and facilitator, I promote open communication in every system, from a family to a corporation. In my work with individuals and teams, I blend multiple approaches; coaching models, systemic work, transactional analysis, and strengths-based development, creating a unique and incredibly effective way of working.

In my personal and professional life, I follow only one imperative – be kind.


  • Moving from Boss to Coach, Gallup, London, 2019
  • Transactional Analysis 101, Rosemary Napper, Oxford, 2019
  • Coaching Constellations, Fundamentals Part I & II, Practitioner, John Whittington, London, 2019
  • Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course, Gallup, London, 2017
  • Intercultural differences, Emic, Krakow, 2017
  • Situational Leadership SLII, House of Skills, Krakow, 2017
  • Team Performance Coaching Course, TCI, Amsterdam, 2017
  • Facilitation Skills Training Course, Pathways, Krakow, 2017
  • Transformational Presence Leadership & Coaching, Alan Seale, Warsaw, 2016
  • MBTI Foundation Programme, OPP, London, 2016
  • Situational Leadership SLII Experience, House of Skills, Wroclaw, 2016
  • The Art & Science of Coaching, Erickson College International & Wszechnica UJ,Krakow, 2015
  • Team Coaching, Coachways, Katowice, 2015
  • Train the trainer course, MERITUM School of Trainers, Katowice, 2012

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