How we work

Soft Skills – Hard Measures

Whatever training program we’re building, we begin with the end in mind.

We focus on your Key Performance Indicators, driving the most contributory areas that determine your business performance.

This requires some significant effort from the Client, but by opening your doors to us, you help us ensure a return on the training investment.


Here are the 4 stages we take with each training program:


    STAGE 1


    We work with the Clients to help them diagnose the area for improvement, and define the end result, through gathering data, defining the KPIs that are to be affected and in-depth case-study analysis.

    STAGE 1


    STAGE 2


    We then build and deliver a training program. One that focuses on affecting not just the knowledge but mainly the character of the participants. Depending on the program and the Client, 50%-90% of the training program is practice, in the real work context. Participants actually chair meetings and calls, negotiate scope and deadlines, write emails, deliver presentations on stage etc.

    STAGE 2


    STAGE 3


    This stage helps us move from „training” to „transformation”. We assist Participants in the application of the training content in their everyday work. Post-training coaching ensures training retention and influence on business results.

    STAGE 3


    STAGE 4


    We measure the business results for the team and/or organization. This is with the use of tools derived especially for the project, or ones that are already in use by the Client.

    STAGE 4

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