Caroline Pocięgiel

Caroline Pocięgiel

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Languages & Linguistics, Pedagogy / Educating

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Learner, teacher, optimist. That’s me. I’m passionate about good communication, and I don’t just mean linguistic accuracy. I’m the one shouting at the TV when two sitcom characters are having a relational crisis simply because they can’t, or won’t, express themselves properly, with empathy for the other person. I believe that striving to convey what we think/need/feel, whilst putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes, is the best way to solve a large percentage of life’s problems, whether those problems are business-related or otherwise.
The other aspect of being a learner and a teacher is that you can be sure that “if Caroline teaches a principle, she also applies it” – I need to test how effective something is before I recommend it to someone else.

I have lots of public speaking experience, with audiences of hundreds of people and I’m a firm believer in being prepared, whilst leaving room for spontaneity. This experience enables me to help participants find ways to overcome their own nerves on stage – some of it comes from the time I spent being a Gospel choir director in Krakow, leading concerts and engaging with the audience. I’m British, but most often I was doing that in Polish, so I know some of the challenges faced by non-native speakers of English face when facing a crowd. My main role in the choir was learning how to sing various songs and teaching them to others. Hmm… learning and teaching… can’t seem to get away from it!