Iryna Oleksiuk

Iryna Oleksiuk

Business expert in:

Background in:

  • 7+ years of corporate experience managing global supply chains for luxury cosmetics brands and FMCG products
  • 6 years as an organizer of TEDx Warsaw, leading the Event Experience team and volunteering as a team leader, content curator, and event host for TEDx Warsaw 2021.
  • Design thinking facilitator and an experience designer with a focus on inventing, building, and delivering educational experiences.

About me:

I believe everybody loves public speaking—they just don’t know it yet.

YouTube channel about Training Design
I am a polymath, public speaking trainer, workshop facilitator, and educational experience designer. I left corporate in 2019 to become an entrepreneur. Part of the year, I spend exploring a nomadic lifestyle in a camper van and working towards an informal degree in camper van conversions. I am currently doing a post-graduate degree in voice projection to help my clients in a more comprehensive way. I am fluent in 4 languages and in a continuous process of improving in 2 more. Book worm. I am the type of person you would enjoy sitting next to on a long-haul flight. Ukrainian and Polish.