Joanna Hajdas

Joanna Hajdas

Business expert in

Background in:

Customer service and building relations in multinational and multicultural environment, negotiations, implementation of innovative products.

About me:

I love finding ways to do things differently, challenging old habits and prejudices, identifying areas for improvement… and empowering other people to do the same.
As a Business Trainer, I act as a guide. Over twenty years of working with and for people from all over the world has shown me something fascinating – regardless of culture, country, or language, the desire to care for another person, as well as for own your well-being, is what builds relationships and improves interaction.
As IT Projects & Finance Coordinator I implement automation and apply innovative solutions.

I love travelling- broadening my horizons and gaining a new point of view on many aspects of life. I enjoy DIY and I’m crazy about good design!