Robin Baker

Author: admin | September 5, 2019

I’m an optimist; I believe there is a positive to be found in any situation. A Lemons and Lemonade kind of person. I am fascinated by “What if?” I get great satisfaction from following the imagined line between two points. Most of all, I’m fascinated about where the future will take us and how we will communicate and interact. I believe that in today’s technological world, the ability to communicate well is essential.

I value every lesson that my 30+ year career has taught me, the good and the bad. I try to bring not only the benefit of my business experience into my training but my positivity and encourage my participants to face the challenges life gives them.

My time living and working outside the UK since 2000 and in particular, living in Turkey for almost 10 years has taught me many things about respecting diversity, culture and the value of communication in all relationships. I live my life today by many of those values. Moving to Poland in 2012 and having to adapt to the many facets of Polish culture and communication has been another reminder to focus on understanding others and being understood.


  • Baskent University, Ankara. Teacher Training Program. 2005 – 2012
  • TEFL certification from Turkish American Association, Ankara. 2004
  • B.Sc. – Project Management – Open University, Milton Keynes, U.K. 1992
  • Higher National Diploma – Communications Engineering. 1984

Further Education:

  • Master Life Coach Training, Transformation Academy, 2019/2020
  • Leadership Developement Intensive, Sherer Institute, 2019
  • Intercultural Competence, Interculturals, 2016
  • Social Media & Marketing, Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute, 2016
  • Communicating with confidence, Linkedin online, 2016
  • Managing Conflict, Linkedin online, 2016
  • Storytelling in Business, Skillshare online, 2016
  • MS Office 2016/Office 365 – eduCBA Online, 2016
  • Prezi development, Presente Design, Wroclaw, 2015
  • Animal Behaviour & Welfare, University of Edinburgh, 2015
  • Dog Emotion & Cognition, Duke University, 2015

Specializes in the following programs:

  • Powerful Business Presentations
  • Executive Business Presentations
  • The Pitch
  • Win-Win Solutions
  • Advanced Negotiations
  • Getting Past NO.
  • Relationships in Global Business
  • Speaking Up