Robin Baker

Robin Baker

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Communications Engineering, Project Management, Systems Development, Tertiary Education.

About me:

I bring over 40 years of business experience into my training and I love helping people to see what they can achieve when they communicate with each other.

I like to challenge my participants to pish their boundaries and get brave. When they realise that you can negotiate upwards, that you can set boundaries, that you can ask for change in business relationships, it is a great thing to see. I love to work with startups and innovators and anyone who has an idea they’d like to pitch. Showing people what they can say in just 3 minutes is so much fun. I’m resourceful, the McGuyver version of a trainer, always willing to adapt the program when a group of participants wants to go off script or raises related real-world issues that connect to the training we’re doing. In short, I love my job.