Accent Business Training Has a New Look!

Accent Business Training Has a New Look!

After a successful 10 years on the market, ABT is rebranding as part of its expansion into international markets and its introduction of new courses for business services centers – a sector that continues to grow by 85 new jobs every day.* 

ABT is offering new training products in areas including diversity, delegation, feedback with impact, active listening, and communicating across cultures and generations. These products will complement ABT’s existing signature courses such as Modern Business eCorrespondence, Powerful Business Presentations and Win-Win Solutions. To date, more than 8000 employees from more than 50 business have completed these 3 courses – which represents more than 10% of the outsourcing workforce in Krakow.

Company co-founder Agata Cielarska said: “The new logo is fresh and assertive yet friendly – the colours reflect our positive, modern, and imaginative outlook, and the whole rebrand reinforces our chief value of client success. To continue supporting the growing outsourcing industry, our new courses are aimed at the more experienced employees.”

* Source: ABSL, Business Services Sector in Poland 2019

Co-founder John Held added:

“The feedback that we have gotten from the ‘under-40’ crowd is that, though the content of our training is awesome, the packaging tends to be too ‘old school’. To be more relevant and to more deeply engage all the participants of our trainings, we have decided to rebrand ABT so that, both the content and the way it’s delivered will be engaging.”

ABT, part of the Accent Group, grew from a gap in the market noticed by Agata, John, and the third co-founder, Monika Madoń.

They saw there was a disconnect between language skills and communication skills in the Polish outsourcing sector.

“We saw that universities were producing graduates who were linguistically competent, but they struggled when they tried to apply those skills in business communication,” said John.

The ABT rebranding represents not only a local Krakow company but a global supporting partner to their clients. The company has had trainings for client subsidiaries in Norway, Switzerland, Germany, England and Spain.

Monika said: “Our DNA is consulting as we support our clients in creating solutions for their business. It is our job to create more partnerships based on collaborative support that takes the shape and form of consulting, training and facilitating, and continuous development.”

Agata sums it up: “With this rebranding we’re looking to expand our support for our clients – both in terms of what we do for them and where we do it. We’re looking to make our clients successful worldwide, not only in Poland.”